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My Comeback!

It’s been a long time since I stopped looking after this old blog. It even surprised me when I noticed that my first ever post was 5 years ago! 😂

The thought of being a blogger finally brings me back to this abandoned site and I decided to truly use this blog as a sharing media. Hoping I can also find some new friends here! Another reason is that I can’t stand not writing for a long time. I used to write on Wattpad but then I lost inspirations so I stopped writing and it sucks!

I wish many people would find my blog helpful and organized enough since I’m still learning ✌️ If you wanna talk to me, leave any comments or follow me on my social medias!

File Processing in C

Back again with Anne from thebookisheffects! Woah, time flies so fast I don’t even recognize it’s almost the end of 2k18 already. Also meaning that I (am supposed to) learn a lot already about programming. Well, not that much compared to the upcoming years but let’s see it from my starting point.

After learning basic sequence, selection, looping, arrays, structure, etc. etc., now we’re gonna learn about file processing in C!

File Definition

To begin this topic, we all first need to know the definition of file. File is described as a collection of records. What records? Input and output records. In other words, C sees file as a stream.

Types of File

There are two types of file: Text File and Binary File.

  • Text File, saved in a format or ASCII file and can be opened using standard text editor application
  • Binary File, storing numerical data in affixed format in line with micro-processor format definition

File Processing Components

Buffer Area is part of the memory used as a temporary space before data moved to a file.

          FILE *f
Where f is a file pointer pointing to the start of the buffer area.

Opening a File using fopen() which is already defined in <stdio.h>

          FILE *f = fopen(const char *filename, const char *mode);
          FILE*f = fopen(“data.txt”, “w”);

There are couple of modes available:

  • “r” to read file
  • “w” to create file to be written
  • “a” to append data (adding new data to the file)
  • “r+” to read/write file
  • “w+” to create a file to be read/written
  • “a+” to read/append data
  • “wb” to create a binary file to be written
  • “rb” to read a binary file

Closing a File is a step that (my lecturer said) most student forgot to include in their codes. (My lecturer said, again,) It won’t be a big deal if you’re only accessing one file, but if you’re accessing many files, forgetting to close the file might cause a crash.

where f is the file pointer.

Input and Output

There are various types of input and output we can use. Some of them are:

  •  fgetc() and fputc()
  •  fgets() and fputs()
  •  And also fscanf() and fprintf()

But in this post, I will only describe the third method.
fscanf() is used to read data from file inline with the scanf formatting.

          int fscanf( FILE *stream,const char *format[, argument]… );
which returns the number of field read while successful, and EOF if error.

fprintf() is used to write data into the file using printf formatting.

          int fprintf( FILE *stream,const char *format[, argument]…);
which returns the number of byte written if successful, and negative value if error.

Program Examples

Program example using fprintf()
Program example using fscanf()

That’s it for this post’s material! Leave some comments if you find this post useful, would you? >.< Last but not least, happy coding!

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Cloud computing

Cloud Computing

Hola people! Been a while since I last posted something on this blog :”) College life has been very tough and busy I even forgot to post this according to the due date. (Dear lecturer, please forgive me, would you? :”))

As you can see from the title, this post’s topic is gonna be about Cloud Computing. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the material!

What is “Cloud”?

Cloud is a visible mass of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere, typically high above the ground. Cloud refers to a network which is present at certain place and accessible from any location over public or private network.

Cloud Usage

Cloud is actually used throughout our daily life, whether we recognize it or not. We use it for our social networking (LINE, Instagram), for data sharing (email, dropbox), for education purposes (Quipper), business (online shop purposes), and etc.

Type of Access

Cloud implementation comes in three forms: public, private, and hybrid. 

Public cloud is simply the internet. We, as the customers in public cloud, don’t own anything except our own data. A simple example of public cloud is Spotify. By paying a monthly fee, we only pay for access and not owning any records.

Private cloud functions the same as public cloud for the end user. But seen from the point of view from a company, using private cloud means you do not share any of your computing power with other companies.

Hybrid cloud means—just like it’s name—using both public and private cloud. Using private when you must, and using public for the rest.

Deployment Types

Service Models:

  • Infrastructure as a service(IAAS)
  • Platform as a service (PAAS)
  • Software as a service (SAAS)


  1. Disaster Recovery as a service
  2. Back Up as a service
  3. Data as a service

Algorithm and Cloud Computing

To notice the relation between algorithm and cloud computing, we need to understand the definition of computing first. Computing is an algorithm used to solve problems from an input data. From the definition, we can see that without algorithm, cloud computing might not exists. (Dear lecturer, I know this answer is sorta pointless, but I hope you’d see my efforts behind all these :””))

So that’s it for this post, and I do hope you find this post (a little) helpful!

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Campus Life #1: Repetition

Hola, people! Long time no see, since I’ve been starting college from around three weeks ago :”)

I registered college as an IT student, and here’s finally a ‘blogging’ task from my Algorithm & Programming class. Just FYI, I’m currently learning C programming language, so this post will be about Repetition in C.

Basic Information
Repetition is one of the control structures in C. There are three main control structures: Sequence, Selection, and Repetition. Repetition is one or more instruction repeated for certain amount of time. The amount of repetition can be defined initially (predefined, hard-coded in the program) or defined later at run time.

Repetition Types

  • For: performs condition checking first, then do the program
    for (initialization; condition; increment/decrement)
    for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++)
    { printf(“Hello World!\n”); }
  • While: performs condition checking first, then do the program
    while (condition)
    { statement1; statement2; statement3; }Example:
    while (number < 20)
    printf(“%d”, number);
  • Do-while: do the program first, then check the condition later. Minimum performs repetition for one time.
    do {
    } while (condition);Example:
    printf(“Hello World!\n”);
    } while (i <= 10);

So that’s all about Repetition in C! Hope it helps, and see you soon!


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The Real 12th Grade!

For the past few weeks, my school had been through quite much activities such as Edu Fair, School Cup, etc. It results a ‘restful’ week–that’s what my teacher said. Yes, we’ve been through quite much exams and a bunch of tasks, but it’s not the real 12th grade yet!

After all these events, I’m finally facing my quite-big-fear now, the hectic days of us–the seniors! Well, actually I still think the 12th grade isn’t that bad. I mean, I know things can get worse for the next semester so I’m still not complaining too much, you see that too much? I’ve started complaining a long time ago but still not that much LOL 😂😂

I guess there’s quite much group works for us, seniors, and I like that a lot! You can absolutely share the burdens–literally burden because they’re annoying af–with your friends in assumption you’re choosing the right ones 😜 Moreover, final exams are getting near so all the teachers rush in giving us daily tests–ugh!–because we need to finish the final exams’ materials as soon as possible.

Additional class for 12th graders has also been started a few weeks ago with the intention of preparing us for the national exams next year (and also giving the teachers extra time because every single one of them is running out of time 🙄). Technically, grade 12 students are spending more and more time studying–be it at school or course or home, even I bring my books to the malls on weekends :”) I guess it’ll be very proper for us to easily get bored and sick of studying. Even my laziest friend finally studies at home for a test (I forgot whether it was biology or chemistry) and went to a course although he’s under his mom’s pressure HA!

We also heard that our Practical Exams will take place around January 2018 and followed by School Exams (USBN) around February. It means the National Exam is only 4 months away and I’m DEFINITELY NOT READY FOR IT WELPPP!!! (And after that I’ll still have to study for uni test ugh).

So I’m very very very very sorry if this blog seems like a dead one but I swear I’m still here and trying to manage my time thoughtfully because grade 12 is like hell. Thank you for those who are still visiting my blog and reading this trash-y journal (but I still love it) 🤟🏼🤟🏼

BBW atau IIBF?

Hello, gengs!
I’ve been inactive for a quite long time since I haven’t manage my schedule at all. No worries, now I’ve got an organized schedule for (almost) everything!

Untuk para penggemar novel atau mungkin geeky nerds, pasti up-to-date banget dengan info-info berbau buku, termasuk penggelaran IIBF 2017! Buat yang belum tau, IIBF itu (katanya sih) semacam BBW versi novel Indonesia. Which means ‘buku-buku Indo termasuk fiksi yang dijual dengan harga SUPER murah (bcs asli, BBW murah banget bray!)’.

Jadilah aku rela bermacet-macet ria demi ke JCC dan join book affair ini. Waktu pertama dateng, nggak serame BBW. Asli, sepi banget kalo dibandingin sama BBW. Bahkan KAI Travel Fair yang belum lama ini digelar juga jauh lebih rame! Positive thinking, mungkin karena promosinya nggak gencar kayak BBW (banyak dari kalian yang nggak tau kan? Iya kan? Ngaku aja deh!).  Waktu masuk Hall B JCC, wah mantap! Ada buku import! Diskon 20% lagi! Semurah apalah… Eh ternyata… Harganya malah lebih mahal dari Books & Beyond.

Masuk ke dalem, ada buku-bukunya Tere Liye tuh! Liat harga, yak lebih murah daripada di Gramedia. Aku tanya kan tuh ke mas-masnya. “Mas, ini harganya udah diskon belum ya?” Lha, masnya keliatan bingung. Tanyalah dia ke temennya. Balik-balik bawa pricelist. Tadaaa, harganya harga Gramed yang didiskon 10% :)))) *senyumin aja*

Sebagian besar kayak begitu tuh, mulai dari Gramedia, Penerbit Haru, Mizan Group, dan stand-stand lain yang nggak aku datengin. Ujung-ujungnya cuma beli 3 buku + 1 buku nyokap yang semuanya berasal dari stand Mizan. Lumayan sih, 4 buku totalnya cuma Rp 75.000,00. Tapi nggak worth it banget gengs, orang ongkos ke JCC-nya aja lebih mahal! Meh.

Buku yang aku beli di IIBF

Mungkin karena aku mikirnya untuk dijual lagi kali, yah. Sebenernya, kalo gak mikirin jualan ada beberapa stand semacam Penerbit Haru yang kasih harga beneran lebih murah dari harga normal (+mereka ada merchandise ekstra kyut!). Tapi untuk dijual lagi, cari untungnya susah, gengs!

Jadi kalo ekspektasi kalian terhadap IIBF setinggi BBW, jangan harap deh. Diskonnya bahkan nggak nyampe 50%, hehe. Tapi untuk kalian yang emang penasaran atau tinggal di sekitar JCC (maupun tempat-tempat IIBF berikutnya), boleh tuh didatengin. Kalo BBW, nggak usah diraguin lagi deh! Diskonnya ASLI gede-gedean!

Alternatifnya, kalo mau cari buku ekstra murah boleh cek ke Preloved Library yah, siapa tau ada buku yang dicari. HEHE. Gapapa lah ya ujungnya promosi :3

Anyway, I’m very sorry kalau postingan ini ‘nggak ngotak’. Kalo ada yang punya info tentang kenapa IIBF ‘nggak memenuhi ekspektasi’, silahkan tambahkan di kolom komentar ya! I’m posting this just for the sake of those who live far from JCC (like me!) supaya mereka nggak kecewa gitudeh. I really am sorry!

My Lettering Journey Pt. 1

It’s been a few weeks after I bought my very first brush pen, Tombow ABT dual brush pen. I’ve been practicing these whole time, created a few letterings (those still look sucks, btw), and learning other things to do with the brush pen such as making banners (I know it’s like a part of lettering but, hey, they’re different, aren’t they?).

The store from where I bought those brush pens are going to open another pre-order soon, and the PO is available for Tombow ABT & Tombow Fudenosuke, which also has good reviews from letter-ers (is that even a word?) from Youtube universe (LOL!). After practicing for a couple of times (and borrowing my friend’s Artline Stix), I guess I can control the Tombow ABT BUT I do create better letters with harder tip ones (Artline Stix).

Which one do you think is better for me,

  • Keep practicing with Tombow ABT until I master them,

    —————————————- OR —————————————-

  • Trying another brush pen until I find the one suitable for me?

I’d appreciate your opinion very much! 🙆


P.s.: If you have any Youtube channel/printables that could help me with my letterings, please kindly leave your comment below! 💖

Cara Membuat Online Shop Kamu Laris!

Beberapa minggu yang lalu, saya baru aja membuka sebuah online shop yang menjual novel-novel fiksi, baik berbahasa Indonesia (termasuk terjemahan) maupun berbahasa Inggris. Minggu-minggu awal, online shop saya tampaknya nggak dilirik siapapun. Lucky me, tidak lama setelah saya mengikuti sebuah program di salah satu OA LINE yang menyediakan slot bagi mereka yang ingin menjual buku, penjualan saya lumayan berbuah, lho! Furthermore, OA tersebut mengadakan program tersebut secara gratis (tentu saja tidak setiap hari)!

Meskipun pengalaman saya masih seuprit dibandingkan dengan online shop lainnya, saya ingin membagi tips & trik aja kok untuk membantu kalian-kalian yang mungkin desperate karena nggak ada yang melirik toko kalian (seperti yang saya rasakan beberapa minggu yang lalu)!

Pastikan kalian tau betul media sosial yang tepat untuk memasarkan produk kalian. Misal, untuk yang ingin jual choker, artsy stationeries, dan planner bisa memulai dari Instagram. Kenapa? Karena ‘sasaran’ kalian adalah para remaja yang pada zaman sekarang seringnya membuka Instagram bahkan untuk belanja online.

Lain halnya bila kalian menjual bubble wrap, plastik pembungkus makanan, atau bento box yang ‘sasaran’nya adalah para pemilik toko. Not to be rude, tapi orang-orang tersebut umumnya kurang up-to-date dan menurut mereka, toko online yang paling mudah diakses adalah website semacam Tokopedia.

Di poin ini, kalian juga bisa cari tau akun-akun yang akan ‘membantu’ penjualan kalian. Contoh sederhananya, OA LINE yang udah saya ceritakan sebelumnya. Cari media-media promosi yang sudah terbukti keefektifannya. Kalau mau, kalian juga bisa mengikuti paid promote di beberapa akun (dan pastikan akunnya SESUAI dengan  produk yang kalian jual). Sekedar saran, kalau baru membuka online shop sebaiknya jangan langsung ikut yang semacam itu, karena takutnya malah rugi. Selain kita belum memiliki jumlah follower yang memadai, kita juga belum punya banyak testimoni (yang umumnya menjadi bahan pertimbangan para calon pembeli).

Lakukan survey harga sebelum mematok harga produk yang kalian jual. Misalnya, lihat-lihat ke toko sejenis yang menjual produk yang sama dengan milik kalian. Bandingkan kualitasnya, lihat review-nya yang paling ramai di range harga berapa, dan pastikan kalian tetap mendapat untung! HEHE. *Apalah gunanya jualan kalo nggak dapet untung :(*

Kalau kalian belum yakin di poin yang pertama tadi, kalian juga bisa bandingkan platform mana yang lebih mendukung jayanya online shop kalian. JANGAN MALAS! Mau punya online shop tapi kok ya malas mempersiapkannya? Situ niat jualan apa nggak?

CARI CUSTOMER. Gimana caranya? Ya macam-macam. Kalau kalian jual bubble wrap, bisa tawarkan produk kalian ke online shop yang menjual produk lain dan membutuhkan bubble wrap untuk pengiriman barang mereka. Kalau kalian jual alas foto (yang belakangan ini lagi trending), lihat online shop yang feeds-nya estetik. Nah, kalian tawarin deh! Kalian bisa cari ‘media-media pemasaran’ itu lewat Google ataupun fitur search yang memungkinkan di berbagai media sosial, misalnya hashtag di Instagram.

NOTE: kalau bisa, jangan spam di comment orang. Looks terribly annoying!

Jangan cuma memasarkan produk kalian di satu platform! Taruhlah barang dagangan kalian di beberapa media sosial atau website. Selama itu free, there’s nothing to lose, kan? Jangan mudah menyerah! Semua online shop yang femes itu nggak langsung mendapat ribuan followers, kan? Tapi, kalau kalian jualan di 3 media, jangan cuma yang A yang diurus, tapi B dan C juga harus tetap up-to-date! Oke? Sip.


P.s.: Ini dari pengalaman pribadi saya, lho. Saya nih bukan orang professional yang pake riset segala macam, jadi kalo ada salah mohon dimaapkan 🙇 Kalo ada yang mau berbagi pengalaman, tips & trik, saran, atau kritikan (tapi no offense, ya!) silahkan leave comment! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

My First Ever Brush Pen 💘

Hey there, fellas! Come back with another post 😉
This post is gonna be about my very first brush pen, Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen. I don’t think this post is gonna be long enough because this isn’t a review post. I just wanna share my first step of doing letterings.

Image result for Tombow abt

I bought these from an online shop on Instagram, nuliscatet. You can check out their products here. In my opinion, this brush pen is quite okay for beginners like me since it isn’t very hard to control. I’ve also read some reviews about this brush pen and it is said that Tombow ABT has the ability of self-cleaning so you can always blend colors and it’s lovely! 💕

As the very first step for beginners, we can use practice worksheets and it can be found anywhere on the net! Tombow itself provides the practice worksheet here. But if you’re not using Tombow, make sure the brush fits the worksheet or else you have to find another worksheets that might match your brush pen’s size.

Good luck! 🤞


Image credit: Jetpens.com